Timetables & Fees

Before booking ensure you have read and understand everything outlined in our Pre-Enrolment Information Page

*Live online – all classes are delivered live online.

*Blended – a mixture of pre-recorded and live online classes.

*On-demand – all classes are pre-recorded. 

If your employer is paying your fees, please download and complete this form. Once the form has been signed and stamped by your employer, forward it to [email protected]. Please ensure this is done prior to booking the course.

SubjectFull Course*Revision Only*Retaker*
Business and Technology (BT)€549€275€275
Management Accounting (MA)€549€275€275
Financial Accounting (FA)€549€275€275
Corporate and Business Law (LW)€809€375€375
Performance Management (PM)€809€375€375
Taxation (TX)€809€375€375
Financial Reporting (FR)€809€375€375
Audit and Assurance (AA)€809€375€375
Financial Management (FM)€809€375€375
Strategic Business Leader (SBL)€1,189€475€475
Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)€949€420€420
Advanced Financial Management (AFM)€949€420€420
Advanced Performance Management (APM)€949€420€420
Advanced Taxation (ATX)€949€420€420
Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)€949€420€420

*Full Course – this includes all classes, application workshops, study manuals, mock exams with feedback and EPS.
*Revision – this includes application workshops, mock exams with feedback and EPS only.
*Re-taker – this includes a full course. You must sit and fail the exam in order to avail of this option. ACCA transcript is required to email [email protected] (Applicable for two immediate subsequent sittings).
Unemployed – 50% discount to those unemployed at the time of booking full course (T&Cs apply) •  DSP payment receipt or DSP letter required to email [email protected]

With PAT you have a Guarantee*

No pass, no problem – come back and take the course again at no cost!

Please note, Pass Guarantee must be used no later than two immediate subsequent sittings. Terms and Conditions of Pass Guarantee:
  • Sit the actual exam;
  • Minimum attendance –  75%;
  • All homework submissions;
  • Attempt all mock exams