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PAT is a Platinum Approved Learning Partner of the ACCA with accredited recognition, and is a formal recognition of PAT’s expertise to develop and deliver ACCA Syllabi in both classroom and on line modes of delivery.

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Tadhg Furlong

PAT Recently announced a brand partnership with Tadhg Furlong.

The PATWay to Success

Pass with PAT

Our students consistently achieve higher pass rates then that of the Global ACCA Average

We have a team of experienced and dedicated lecturers who put you first. We have designed a unique exam focused approach to lectures which gives you all the tools you need for success.

We have a unique exam-focused approach; a combination of lectures, revision days and exam preparation sessions as well as access to bespoke tuition materials online.



The PATway to Success

The PAT Approach

At PAT we have a technological approach to ACCA CBE exams, with a particular emphasis on the teaching and learning and the assessment and testing, which mimics the actual CBE exams that distills the fear in the students minds. We have developed bespoke software which will test the competency and understanding of the students as they progress to the various topics.


Gerry Fahy

Managing Director & FR, SBR, DipIFR

Most students are gripped by fear and anxiety. ACCA exams are challenging. The Ethos of PAT is to recognise this aspect of human nature.

We look to show students their ability to pass the exam, and to devise study plans, work flows, exam and study techniques that will mitigate these concerns and prepare the student “to be the best they can be”

Be the best that you can be is grounded in the psychology of winning. 

The science of belelieving, to never give up and to try just one more time… 

Yes we can, and YES YOU CAN

“Bene Melior Optime”



The Difference

How VR Personalized Approach Works

The average employee is wasting between 50%-80% of their day on non-work related distractions. Time wasted is money wasted, that’s money that could stay in your pocket simply by changing the way you assign your tasks.