First in World AAA – December 2020

Tony Kearney – Awards Ceremony 2023

Andrea Poole – Awards Ceremony 2023

Holly Kenny

Gemma Davis was my lecturer for SBR for the March 2024 exam sitting.  Gemma was always very enthusiastic when teaching all the different topics and encouraged us to interact as much as possible in the classes. Her teaching style was easy to follow, and she was able to explain concepts in different ways if students needed further clarification. She kept us all on track and gave plenty of extra resources to help us understand the

Holly Kenny

Karen Bercia

“Tax is my first subject with ACCA. Its been a long time since I have studied and I wanted to make sure I had the right fit with the college. I found PAT Business School to be very helpful and encouraging. Nothing was ever to much. A big thank you to Stephen Fennel, his lectures, pocket notes,  revision material, his guidance on what we needed to pass the exam. Its no surprise that everyone in

Karen Bercia

Gemma Flanagan

I just successfully finished my last ACCA exam with PAT Business School after starting my ACCA journey with PAT Business School in September 2019. My first class Breda and Gerry made me believe I might actually have a chance here. Gerry’s positivity is visible across every subject it’s embedded in PAT Business School and has a way of becoming part of the whole journey. Even now I find myself telling my kids they can andA huge thank you to Stephen Fennell who has got me through 4 exams even answering questions on holidays. My youngest was 1 when I started this and is 5 now and associates Stephen’s voice from the laptop to almost bedtime. And of course Martha getting me through 3 exams always simplifying things with lots of little sayings that stuck with me throughout. Rasita and Ieva were always reaching out and checking in. Finishing off SBL with Owen who was fantastic and made SBL so enjoyable I absolutely loved doing this subject. I’m so grateful to PAT Business School.I keep saying to people I can’t believe I’m finished with all my exams but writing this now I can believe it because it was a massive team effort since that first night in September 2019.Thank you so much to everyone at PAT Business School. -Gemma Flanagan (ACCA SBL September 2023). 

Brian Clancy

Owen O’Reilly is a fantastic lecturer in SBL and has some great techniques to help get the best results you can get. He is so enthusiastic about SBL that it rubs off on you. I can’t thank him enough for helping me succeed in this exam and getting me a 1st in Ireland mark.  ACCA SBL September 2023

Leonor Fontoura

I am extremely satisfied with PAT Business School! I have only one ACCA exam left, and I can sincerely say that I could not have gotten here without the help and support from ALL PAT team. All the lectures I have had so far are very knowledgeable and very dedicated to the students. They are always available to answer questions, they make available numerous past paper questions to practice, and above all, they cover the

Keith O’Connor

I thought the whole experience with PAT Business School from start to finish was brilliant! Owen was a fantastic tutor for SBL who gave great advice and tips that worked like a charm on exam day. His Mind Map technique was a brilliant study tool that helped right up to walking into the exam centre. I also found that the chance to take five mock exams on a platform to mimic the exam day was

Garry Byrne

The SBR course looked daunting and had an extremely wide syllabus. Gerry broke it down in his manuals and explained everything in both his lectures and additional recordings. He also instilled confidence that we could pass the exams. I went from failing both mocks to achieving over 70% on exam day. I cannot recommend this course highly enough.  SBR June 2023

Victoria Cazacov

I am now finished with my ACCA qualification exams and my last exam was with lecturer Christine Nangle, AAA (IRL). I have to say I fell in love with this subject under Christine’s guidance.  As a tutor, she is very knowledgeable with a wealth of real life knowledge and always managed to bring a topic to life with examples and stories from her own career.The lectures were always flying by and Christine’s support was always

Mary Nolan

I have just passed ACCA Financial Reporting thanks to Marta. Marta is an absolutely superb Lecturer. She explains everything so clearly and leaves nothing behind . She is really incredible. Thank you so much Marta.
When I started studying ACCA with PAT in September 2020 I couldn’t believe my luck. Everyone there is so adept and professional. Thank you PAT. Special thanks to Ieva and Rasita.

Mary Nolan
Lecturer: Marta Majnusz