ACCA SBL - Strategic Business Leader

ACCA SBL - Strategic Business Leader

The SBL exam is designed to mirror the workplace and presents the student with real-world challenges. Students will complete a number of tasks and must demonstrate that they have the right technical, ethical and professional skills to add value to the organisations they work in.



About the Lecturer

Owen O’Reilly is a specialist tutor for ACCA Strategic Business Leader (SBL) with over 60 professional exam student prize winners, including, multiple firsts in Ireland in SBL and P3 as well as first in the world in P3.

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Strategic Business Leader Syllabus & Exam


The aim of Strategic Business Leader (SBL) is to demonstrate organisational leadership and senior consultancy or advisory capabilities and relevant professional skills, through the context of an integrated case study.

Objective of the Syllabus

Apply excellent leadership and ethical skills to set the ‘tone from the top’ and promote a positive culture within the organisation, adopting a whole organisation perspective in managing performance and value creation.

Evaluate the effectiveness of the governance and agency system of an organisation and recognise the responsibility of the board or other agents towards their stakeholders, including the organisation’s social responsibilities and the reporting implications.

Evaluate the strategic position of the organisation against the external environment and the availability of internal resources, to identify feasible strategic options.

Analyse the risk profile of the organisation and of any strategic options identified, within a culture of responsible risk management.

Select and apply appropriate information technologies and data analytics, to analyse factors affecting the organisation’s value chain to identify strategic opportunities and implement strategic options within a framework of robust IT security controls.

Evaluate management reporting and internal control and audit systems to ensure compliance and the achievement of organisation’s objectives and the safeguarding of organisational assets.

Apply high level financial techniques from Skills exams in the planning, implementation and evaluation of strategic options and actions.

Enable success through innovative thinking, applying best in class strategies and disruptive technologies in the management of change; initiating, leading and organising projects,while effectively managing talent and other business resources.

Apply a range of Professional Skills in addressing requirements within the Strategic Business Leader examination and in preparation for, or to support, current work experience.


The Strategic Business Leader (SBL) examination is based on an integrated case study containing a number of assignments which will vary at each examination. These assignments or tasks may require the candidate to take on different roles, depending on the situation. The number of marks allocated to all these assignments or the sub-parts of these will add up to 100 in total. Within the total marks available, there are 20 Professional Skills marks. Usually each task will contain some professional skills marks which may vary by examination, depending on the requirements. All tasks must be completed. The examination is of 4 hours duration, but this includes Reading, Planning and Reflection time (RPRT). This time can be used flexibly at any time during the exam.


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