Michael Metzger

Michael Metzger


Michael Metzger is a Qualified Chartered Accountant (ACA) who specialized in Financial Services Audit. Michael has lectured on Undergrad and Post-Grad Masters programmes in Dublin Technological University in Audit, Finance & Accounting modules. Additionally, he provide consultancy to Accounting Firms to help supplement additional Audit exam support for students.




3+ Years Lecturing



 I feel your approach of lectures with syllabus and exam question practice was very beneficial for me. Learning the new information through lectures, and applying it to exam question scenarios is what works best for me.

The practice of ACCA exam questions is essential as when I started the questions at first I found them daunting but with the continuing practice I got a feel for what the examiner is asking and looking for. I also think AA was the most difficult ACCA subject I studied so far, so I was really delighted to pass first time with 65%.

I found it a tricky subject which requires persistence to get an understanding of. Again I want to thank you for all the support with the lectures and exam focus. I have found PAT to be an excellent school with a unique culture of support for students unparalleled anywhere else.

John Moffit – AA Class of March 2023

I am very grateful for your very well prepared course content and delivery. You made AA quite enjoyable and manageable in what I am sure could otherwise be a very daunting slog of trial and error. Your targeted approach to what the examiner is looking for is vital and prevents wasted energy, effort and stress. It is something I have found consistent with all PAT lecturers.

Something I really found useful about your approach was the many options you made available to us to direct our study. Having lecture notes as well as slides, although they carried the same content, was great. I particularly appreciated the list of past questions related to the topic at the end of each chapter/topic, and your pre-prepared study plans. Your shared experience working in an Audit function and the supplementary reading you included really helped put meat on the bones in what is otherwise very hypothetical subject matter.

Great stuff, keep it up, and sincere thanks again.

Adam O’Donohue – AA Class of March 2023

Thank you very much. I really enjoyed the way you delivered the lectures and provided us with the real life examples. That really helped me to pass. Your notes were brief and straight to the point which helped during revision.

The mock itself was a good reflection of the preparation level and a great motivation to master the knowledge. It helped me to build my confidence.

Overall I think your support was invaluable and you prepared us well for this exam.

Monika M – AA Class of March 2023