what PAT Business School is

PAT Business School is one of Ireland’s leading Edtech companies specialising in the provision of globally accredited professional accountancy exams in addition to a range of university validated Fintech, Regtech, AML, CTF as well as a suite of professionally validated financial and skills-based programmes.

Its stakeholders range from Irish Government agencies, European Union, global professional bodies, University partners, multinational companies, financial institutions, to small and medium enterprises.



PAT Business School offers courses that deliver the core knowledge, skills, and competencies professionals require to work in both a Fintech environment, and an increasingly digitised compliance function


PAT Business School offers a range of professional accountancy programmes to prepare students for their ACCA examinations and continuing professional development

Springboard+ & HCI

PAT Business School offers a select range of Springboard+ and Human Capital Initiative Government Funded Courses

Skills Academy

As part of the PAT Business School ethos – we design, develop, and deliver the most job ready skills-based training . PAT Skills Academy helps you develop the skills for the workplace of the future.


At PAT Business School Edtech job-relevant courses in accounting, finance, Fintech, Compliance, Anti Money Laundering, and Counter-Terrorism Financing continue to be as relevant as ever through online learning.

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Skills Academy