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Meet the Team

Gerry Fahy
Managing Director

PAT Business School was originally founded in conjunction with the Irish Times Group and Gerry has been its Managing Director since 2018. He has lectured for more than 25 years with all of the professional accountancy bodies and on two occasions he was shortlisted for the CIMA Global Accountancy lecturer of the year award.

He has over one hundred global prize winners including first, second and third placements in the world. Originally from a financial services background, he has worked in 8 financial institutions domestically and internationally.

He has over one hundred global prize winners including first, second and third placements in the world. Under his leadership PAT Business School achieved ACCA Triple Platinum status - representing the highest standard of teaching / results excellence in the world and one of the first Colleges in the world to have achieved this rating.
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Rasita Kalvaityte
Senior Operations | Programme Manager

Rasita is Senior Operations and  Programmes Manager for all programmes delivered by PAT. Her main role is to manage the programme administrative supports to students, manage all course operations and liaise with all internal and external stakeholders. Prior to taking up her current position, Rasita held similar roles in Irish Times Training and Dublin Business School.

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Andrew Quinn
Head of PAT FinTech | Senior Lecturer - ACCA AFM

Andrew is the former Course Director of Accountancy (including ACCA), Finance, Fintech, and Business Analytics programmes at Dublin Business School. Amongst a very broad range of lecturing experience, Andrew has lectured ACCA’s AFM paper for 5 years and recently had a student place 1st in Ireland.

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Ieva Kajeniene
Admissions & Programme Manager

Her main roles are to manage recruitment of all Springboard Programmes, as well as the programme administrative support to students. Prior to taking up her current position, Ieva held similar roles in Dublin Business School.

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Orlagh Morris
Fintech Senior Operations & Administrations Manager

Orlagh is the senior operations and administrations manager for the Fintech team at PAT Business School. She was previously the programme manager for PAT Fintech, where she managed programme administration and day to day operations. She has a background in student support and managing educational & voluntary programmes. 

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Jacquie Ryan
Fintech Programme Manager

Jacquie Ryan has a diverse background in law, journalism, and financial services. She holds a Law Degree and a Masters in Journalism. Jacquie’s career began at a private third level college, with the law faculty. She spent time in Africa, where she volunteered with Wells for Zoë, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing access to clean water and education to girls. This experience enriched her perspective and deepened her commitment to making a positive impact in communities around the world.

Transitioning into the financial sector, Jacquie has built a career in insurance and payments. Her expertise lies in compliance, where she has navigated the complex regulatory landscapes of both EU and USA markets. In 2022, she further solidified her credentials by completing a Certificate and Bachelor's in Fintech Risk and Compliance. She is also a Member of the Compliance Institutes South Eastern Cluster and a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the Compliance Institute. She has sat on Panels and taken part in Podcasts for the Compliance Institute. In 2024, Jacquie joined the faculty at PAT Business School, where she is a Programme Manager in the Fintech faculty.
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Inga Saladziute
PAT FinTech Programme Executive
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Tracy Gallagher
Programme Assistant at PAT Fintech

Tracy is the Programme Assistant at PAT Fintech, where she collaborates closely with the Programme Manager to support programme administration and operations. With over two decades of experience, Tracy is an accomplished professional who began her career in the financial services industry. She held various roles in the retail banking division, including positions such as personal lender, customer service advisor, compliance/quality assurance official, and internal trainer.

Tracy seamlessly transitioned into the further education and training sector in 2012, leveraging her extensive background and expertise to excel as a Course Coordinator. Utilising her skills to develop, plan, budget, schedule and manage courses. Effectively communicating with all stakeholders, ensuring high quality assurance and seeking continuous improvement. Her dual expertise in finance and education, combined with her commitment to lifelong learning and skills development, has significantly contributed to the success of numerous initiatives, benefiting both learners and employers.
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Catherine Kilgannon
Student Support Officer
Mary Quigley
Account Executive
Lisa Connolly
Student Support Officer
Sarah Reilly
Marketing Executive
Eliza Maslowska
ACCA Programme Administrator