PAT FinTech

IFS Funding & Information

Funding is supplied by IFS Skillnet

Funding is available to employees of IFS Skillnet member companies.

No, anyone can sign up to PAT Fintech Programmes, but will incur full tuition fees.

 You can check member status here. Alternatively, your company can become a member free of charge here

Before you book your course with PAT Fintech, you must ensure you are eligible for funding and complete an IFS Skillnet Trainee Profile Form and submit here

Select your course and choose IFS Skillnet Funding. Proceed to checkout, and fill out your personal Contact Details AND your Companies Contact Details. (Failure to supply company details will result in cancellation of your booking).

Once your booking has been approved by PAT Fintech, your company will be invoiced by IFS Skillnet. Payment should be made promptly to IFS Skillnet

If an employee is making payment upfront themselves, to be eligible for IFS Skillnet funding they must provide a completed Financial Support Letter to IFS Skillnet. This letter confirms that their company is agreeing to reimburse the fee on completion of the course