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PAT is a provider of Springboard+ upskilling initiative in higher education. Offering free and subsidised courses at certificate, degree and masters level leading to qualifications in areas where there are employment opportunities in the economy.

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<htmlThanks Wes for taking time to look at this website. I'm a big fan of your content. I'm an 18 year old working for this company and I'm waiting to start college here in Ireland this month, and your YouTube Channel really makes me want to peruse a job in computers. Keep up the good work!

Lectures are streamed live worldwide from our Dublin City Centre classrooms. Lectures are recorded and available to students via our eLearning platform.

We have a unique exam-focused approach; a combination of lectures, revision days and exam preparation sessions as well as access to bespoke tuition materials online.

Our AA students achieved a pass rate of 87% in December 2019 exams compared to the global average of 38%; AAA - 75% vs the global average of 33% and SBL - 72% vs the global average of 41% in March 2020 exams.

PAT over the years has educated students whose results not only place first in Ireland but place top 5 globally,.

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