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Regulatory Risks in the Fintech Ecosystem

Regulatory Risks in the Fintech Ecosystem

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DURATION: 6 weeks HOURS: Total 24 hours live online (& recorded)
MODE: Part-Time (On-line)  
AWARD: Single Subject Certificate START DATE: February 15th 2024

CPD Accreditation Confirmation – 2022-1520

Designation/CPD Scheme

Maximum CPD Hours



Professional Banker




This course explores the Irish (EU) Fintech ecosystem and analyses the scope of current and evolving Fintech products/services. The course identifies areas of increasing regulatory attention and differentiates the source of compliance risks related to the provision of specific Fintech services, for example: banking, credit/lending, funds, savings/investment, and insurance sectors. There is a specific focus on the innovation and compliance risk with respect to an evolving payments infrastructure – including the adoption of stablecoins and the potential issuance of CBDC’s – and the challenges related to developing a regulatory framework for crypto (digital) assets.


40%: Blend of competency based MCQs & scenario analysis

60%: Final Examination  



On the successful completion of this course learners will be able to:

1. Summarise the scale and evolution of the Irish Fintech ecosystem in the context of the EU strategic objectives.

2. Identify areas of EU & Irish legislative and regulatory focus and differentiate between the compliance risks associated with specific Fintech products/services.

3. Analyse the Fintech regulatory risks and compliance challenges in an evolving domestic and cross-border payments infrastructure.

4. Identify the compliance risks related to regulated and non-regulated cryptocurrencies and crypto-asset service providers.    




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