Developing your skills for the workplace of the future

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Developing your skills for the workplace of the future

Changing World, Changing Skills

Ireland’s people are its greatest asset; Government Strategy supports employer and learner access to a dynamic, adaptable, innovative and high-quality education and training systems.

Lifelong learning brings benefits to the individual, to society and to employers: lifelong learning has an important contribution to make to people’s wellbeing, to creating a more inclusive society and to supporting a vibrant and sustainable economy.

Developing your skills for the workplace of the future

Skills of the Future

Team work

It is clear that transversal skills are increasingly important in enabling people to gain and maintain employment. They are often referred to as core, basic or soft skills and are the cornerstone for an individual’s personal development. Transversal skills are the building blocks for the development of the “hard, ”vocational” or “technical” skills required to succeed in the labour market and include critical & analytical thinking, teamwork, communication and business acumen.

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Cross-sectoral skills are of growing importance. There is increasing convergence between sectors such as ICT, business, pharma and engineering, which were once considered to be very unique in their own right. Business administration and accounting related finance skills now permeates almost all sectors of the economy.

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The labour market is constantly evolving and the specific occupations, skills and qualifications that are required change over time. The increasingly interdisciplinary nature of the world of work is also resulting in overlaps in the skills required across different sectors and occupations.

Developing your skills for the workplace of the future

Learning for Life

From an economic development perspective, the continuous training and up-skilling of people in the workforce is particularly important in maintaining the competitiveness of accounting and finance companies together with in making Ireland an attractive location for investment.

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